book - South of Somewhere by Robert Camuto
“[Camuto's] new book is his best yet, a razor-sharp evocation of the people, places and points-of-view that captures both the fatalism so often encountered in southern Italy and the stubborn refusal of its inhabitants to knuckle under.”
— E. Asimov, The New York Times
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Return to Vico Equense

Ritorno a Vico : 10 Settembre

Un evento da non perdere per 'Altrove a Sud'
(Italian edition of South of Somewhere in the heart of the Sorrento penninsula.)

Robert Camuto is a prize-winning American author and journalist, who has lived in Europe with his family from the outset of the 21st century.

Here he has immersed in the terroirs of France and Italy, writing about wine, food, culture and travel for many publications and authoring a series of books in his personal and soulful style. 

A contributing editor for the Wine Spectator since 2008, Camuto writes a twice monthly column, Robert Camuto Meets…, for



Adventures in the New French Wine Country

“Camuto’s lighthearted book is a particularly enjoyable read…a scrumptious collection of stories about wine, food, vineyards and winemakers.”

Beth Hiser, Bloomsbury Review


A Sicilian Wine Odyssey

“Mr. Camuto extracts fascinating and illuminating details about Sicily, bringing to life the characters, conflicts and family dynamics that define a culture and its wines. It’s a beautiful, enthralling work, eternally wistful and hopeful, much like Sicily itself.”

Eric Asimov, New Times
latest book by Robert Camuto - South Of Somewhere

South of Somewhere

Wine, Food, and the Soul of Italy

“I can’t do this book justice. It’s so vivid, so emotional, so beautiful and yet so powerfully instructive… if you want to understand the terroir of southern Italy, this book is where you start.”

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