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Monica Raspi - Pomona

New-Gen Chianti Classico Part 3: Pomona’s Monica Raspi

The veterinarian-turned-vintner achieved success with Sangiovese by learning to understand what the vines were telling her

Caravaggio to Chianti Classico

I’ve had a great time touring Tuscany this spring. Not the least of which was an overnight in Florence with my wife—with the mission of visiting the Ufflizi Gallery before the tourist hordes returned in summer.

Angela Fronti of Istine, interviewed by Robert Camuto

There’s a New Generation in Chianti Classico

After Carmignano, my next stop on the Tuscan trail last month was Chianti Classico. I mean is there a great wine that is more Italian?

Free at last in Tuscan Vineyards

As Italy just started to open after its long Covid hibernation, I got the jump on things in April and headed south to Tuscany for a few days.

Pio Boffa Piedmont Wine Patriarch

Pio Boffa, Piedmont Wine Patriarch, Dies of COVID-19

I hope this is the last COVID obituary I write.

Robert Camuto tribute to Chianti’s Barone Sonnino

A tribute to Chianti’s Barone Sonnino

Taken by Covid still in his wine prime

What if you were a sommelier and lost of your sense of smell?

French wine pros react.

The Covid Diaries

Part 1: Home Alone in my Covid cave

Regaining smell after covid

The Covid Diaries

Part 2: Recovering my nose after a Covid KO

whats next after covid ?

The Covid Diaries

 Part 3: Post-Covid lessons for 2021