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January 17, 2024

Want to REALLY cultivate young wine drinkers

How about shaking up the wine establishment with new blood?

Get a bunch of wine industry people together and they all decry THE major problem in the world today.

(Hint: It’s not war, population displacements, climate change, inflation or the prospect of our republics being replaced by Caesars – or Caesar’s Palaces).

The main problem for the wine world is that young people (Millenials and GenZ) aren’t drinking their fair share of wine!

But here’s what is not being discussed: The main enemy of wine is not the competition from G&Ts.

Alessandro Salvano of "Drink Wine Not Labels" in Italy's Piedmont

Alessandro Salvano of "Drink Wine Not Labels" in Italy's Piedmont

The main enemy of wine is its own entrenched wine establishment that has little room for young producers and growers.

I am not a youngster — having joined the Medicare set, but even I see it clearly: The wine world needs disruption. It always has thrived on it, starting before the “Judgment of Paris” nearly 50 years ago.

To explore this and go on a visit with me to the 28-year-old Piedmont producer of “Drink Wine Not Labels,” read my latest Robert Camuto Meets… column at