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March 18, 2023

Q: Do you know Suavia?

You should!

I’ve been super negligent in keeping up with the Internet, while I have been living in the present in these last 10 days in Northern California.

Torrential rains, wind, flooded vineyards, and blah blah blah…followed by a couple of gorgeous cloudless days.

I have been loving some great niche wines — Vermentino (Steve Matthiasson), Nebbiolo and Barbera (Idlewild) and my personal greatest discovery these delicious old vineyard field blends from across the state by the likes of Turley and Bedrock Cellars. A big asterisk for the wacky home-feel wines of Jupiter winery. More tk.

Cabernet Sauvignon still keeps a lot of lights lit here, but there is so much more interesting going on.

I’m on my way back to Verona, where before I left I met and wrote about the Tessari sisters of Suavia. If you don’t know the wines, get drinking. These are some of the most precise wines from one of the best-researched and focused Italian wineries I’ve encountered in a while.

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The Tessari Sisters of Suavia

The Tessari Sisters of Suavia from left Meri, Valentina and Alessandra