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June 18, 2022

South by South : More travels and new experiences from Campania to Puglia

I’ve been travelling quite a bit across the Italian South.

Last week I had the honor to serve as president of a wine jury at a gathering that was right up my alley. Radici del Sud is based in Puglia – and brings together the wine trade, journalists, producers and the public around wines from local southern grapes.

Over two days, the jury met in groups ( divided between Italians and “stranieri” ) to blind taste a wildly diverse array of wines from native grapes – from Asprinio to Bombino Bianco and Cococciola to Susumanello.

It proved – again – that Southern Italy’s wines don’t fit into the classic basket of international grapes to which the wine world calibrates its palate.

So, welcome to the sun and the confusion, and please pass the Passerina.

On Sunday evening I presented the Italian version of South of Somewhere ( Altrove a Sud ) at fantastic venue in Bari – Liberrima is both a general bookstore and a hip wine bar with eclectic wines and delicious small bites.

Teresa and Roberto Bruno in Greco di Tufo

There’s a fresh wind blowing across the Mezzogiorno, and my most recent Robert Camuto Meets….column talks about some new favorite winemakers in Campania’s Greco di Tufo — the brother and sister team Teresa and Roberto Bruno. Check it out here at