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May 10, 2022

More California Meets Italy : A tale of two guys who have nothing in common, except for …

Dan Petroski and Kevin Harvey are in many opposites. Petroski is a seat-of-the-pants winemaker, activist and entrepreneur in Napa, with no vineyards and no personal property other than his cellphone. Harvey is a billionaire tech investor who has bought vast swaths of mountain landscape in central and northern California to plant vineyards.

What they do have in common are a love of relatively obscure Italian grapes and projects on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Dan Petroski of Massican (left) and Kevin Harvey in the Aeris tasting room (right)

Petroski has achieved a cult-status with Massican focusing on northern Italian whites. Harvey’s relatively newer project, Aeris, is focusing on the wines of Sicily’s Mount Etna — red Nerello Mascalese and white Carricante — both on Etna and the Sonoma Coast.

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