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January 10, 2023

Listen up!

South of Somewhere comes to audible

I know. I know.

Who has time to read anymore? Especially with the hours in a day consumed by our devices. Just texting, posting on social media, listening to podcasts and watching videos can be a full-time distraction. 

I get it — in fact I get it so much, that South of Somewhere has just been released as an audio book on Audible. So now you can free your leaven your commute or relax to the soothing sounds of a professional reading this critically acclaimed work on Southern Italian wines, food and soul.

The audible version is a collaboration with Alan Reinhardt, a pro with a smooth and precise voice, who happens to work a day job at San Francisco’s Biondivino wine shop specialized in small producer wines from Italy. Alan is passionate about many of the things I love : wine, Italy and books. He gets all of it and he reads it aloud better than I can.

Sample and listen to South of Somewhere today at