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March 31, 2022

Back to the Old World and SoS in Italian

After a thrilling South of Somewhere tour of the west coast of the US, I returned home to Italy with some insights about Italian wines and wine grapes in the US market and wine countries—both of which I think have unrealized potential.

[ Hint: Too often wines are tasted and sold in a stand-alone how-good-is-your-Cab-or-Chard way. Italian wines need FOOD ! ]

Anyway, back in Verona, I was greeted by the first box of newly printed Italian edition of South of Somewhere called Altrove a Sud with a preface by Prof. Luigi Moio of Quintodecimo. The publisher is Bari-based Ampelos.

Altrove a Sud by Robert Camuto

Altrove A Sud, the Italian edition of South of Somewhere

The book will be presented in a series of events around the upcoming Vinitaly in Verona
Sicily Pavillion 2pm April 10; Campania Pavillion noon April 12, and a press event at Signorvino (Porta Nuova) in downtown Verona 5:30 p.m.
Wine will accompany all.

Speaking of Verona do check out my latest Robert Camuto meets… on the fascinating and historic Bertani estate, which has one of the world’s great wine libraries in which the public can participate (35 vintages of Amarone on the market now).

A presto!