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Articles about Wine

Talking Wine with Daryl Hall

Robert talks with Daryl Hall abut wine and music in the May 31 issue of Wine Spectator. See article here

Paris' Nomiya: A trendy restaurant born to die


 Special to the Washington Post

One of Paris's newest, hottest dining experiences will not last. And it's not for lack of interest. In fact, the competition is fierce for only 12 places at lunch and dinner and the chance to dine on modern interpretations of French classics while feasting on unbeatable views over the Seine.

A Pink Tide

Across France these days it's not difficult to find winemakers suffering from the latest chapter in their country's wine crisis—years of declining domestic consumption and now a global recession and a euro so pricey it's killing exports. Yet producers in Provence are experiencing a boom, all thanks to a class of wine that has often gotten little respect: rosé.

Read Robert's article in the Wine Spectator.


In Paris wine shops-- A quiet revolution

Bertrand Bluy at Les Papilles, a symbol of Paris' new more casual dining scene.JPG

Gourmet bistros cater to the young and hungry

By Robert V. Camuto -Special to The Washington Post

Bertrand Bluy doesn't fit the image of a pastry chef. A towering man with a shiny shaved head and a frame as solid as a brick oven, he speaks with a guttural southwestern French accent that conjures a rugby forward rather than someone who has studied the art of mille-feuille.

Wine Country Travel: Taormina Sicily

Wine Spectator Cover Oct. 31.jpg

In the shadows of Mount Etna, a restaurant scene is emerging hand in glove with the mountain's wine renaissance. Read Robert's article in the Oct. 31, 2009 Wine Spectator.


Bittersweet Beaujolais

A French court comes down hard on more than 50 Beaujolais growers in doping scandal involving a simple white powder: sugar. Read Robert Camuto's news  article in the Wine Spectator.

Lyon's changing food and wine scene


A new generation is transforming France's gastronomic capital. Read article in the Wine Spectator.

Great Lake. By George.


Hanging out on Lake Como. Read article in the Wine Spectator.  

News: Beaucastel's owners buy an historic gem in Gigondas


Adding to their growing portfolio of small, quality wine estates in France's Southern Rhône Valley, the Perrin family of Château Beaucastel has acquired the historic but commercially underdeveloped Domaine des Tourelles in the tiny village of Gigondas. Read article in the Wine Spectator.

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