Tasting Lisbon's modern flavors


Less than a day into a long weekend trip to Lisbon, strolling down a wide sun-splashed boulevard, I came to a conclusion: "I could live here."

"Why?" asked my wife (who knows me too well). "Because it's a sunny place with great food, and you can drink wine all day?"

Well, yeah.

Portugal's capital is Europe's latest urban bloomer, with a new generation of chefs—still under 40—enlivening southern Portugal's seafood- and olive oil–based cuisine with modern techniques and a lighter touch. Lisbon (see my travel article, "Lisbon's New Dawn," in the July 31 issue of Wine Spectator) is now a great place to eat beautiful food full of intense flavors and drink complex, varied wines at a fraction of the prices in most of the continent.

Gastronomic booms often go hand in hand with wine. And, of course, Portugal's wine scene is exploding with higher and higher quality.

Though the Douro (named for the river that cuts through that ancient, legendary wine region of steep-terraced vineyards in northern Portugal) has led the push to produce stellar sought-after wines, the country's culinary renaissance is centered nearly 200 miles south, at the mouth of the Tagus river in hip, bustling Lisbon....Read the full blog at winespecator.com