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Vinerows near Wolxheim, Alsace

Corkscrewed author Robert Camuto has lived in France eight years, and has spent a lot of time on the road in the country's wine regions as a wine and epicurean travel writer.  In this Q &A he shares some personal suggestions for a rewarding wine trip in France.  

Q: Do you have a favorite wine region of France?

At Land's End: Brittany


Read full article in the Sydney Morning Herald or in the Washington Post

By Robert V. Camuto
Special to The Washington Post

Bittersweet Beaujolais

A French court comes down hard on more than 50 Beaujolais growers in doping scandal involving a simple white powder: sugar. Read Robert Camuto's news  article in the Wine Spectator.

Huff Post: Q &A

Check out the interview  by Huff Post's Louise McCready. Wine as food, green agriculture, France, Sicily, the Mafia and the Big Mess: 

Expat Robert Camuto On His Oenophilic Excursions In France

France won't burn itself at the stake for now

joan at stake.jpeg

A year ago, at the esteemed Chateau Simone wine estate in the tiny Palette appellation just outside Aix-en-Provence I had a conversation with the property's owner, the dapper old world René Rougier.

I mentioned to M. Rougier the proposal by the Socialist presidential candidate to eliminate champagne from the presidential Elysée Palace.

"But of course!" M. Rougier said dryly. "Wine is one of the glories of France and we the French are experts in self-destruction!"

Robert on Gary Vaynerchuk's Wine Library TV

The first of two parts of this interview with the Gary Vaynerchuk -- the pyrotechnic host of Wine Library TV.

Impressions and photos from the Corkscrewed US Tour

Jolys 1.jpg

On my two-week trip to America, I noticed a huge change, and not just in the relief of having a new president (Obama's heady "Yes we can" replacing Bush's "Don't even think about it" when it comes to new ideas and bettering the planet).

Video: Robert on Corkcrewed at McNally Jackson books (NYC)

Video of Robert talking about Corkscrewed, the state of French terroirs and sustainable wine growing at McNally Jackson books in NYC. Special thanks to the fine staff at NY's best bookstore and to Wine Therapy, which provided natural wines (mostly) from Corkscrewed. 

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