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Touching down in New York


Actually Newark New Jersey is where I landed Friday afternoon-- going directly to Gary Vaynerchuk's Wine Library TV, where we taped a two-part segment for next week in which Gary spoke about wine, food, women, and ( I think--I hope)  I got Gary to drop the awful and misleading term "dessert wine" from his vocabulary. 

Gary is crazy, and a fine interviewer. This was probably the first media "interview" where I felt completely relaxed. More to come next week.

Searching for San Francisco


A long time ago, I left something—not exactly my heart, more likely a piece of my youth-- in San Francisco.

Returning there this week was something of a strange experience.  Strange because of the changes. The skyline that’s bigger and more generic. The birthing  of  international luxury boutiques and store chains. The loss of some soul.

The human landscape has changed as well. I remember San Francisco as a place where half the population expressed itself with outlandish punk hairstyles, body art and leather costumes. Nowadays the city seems more introverted—The faces of the Facebook generation glued to iPhones at cafes all over town.

Corkscrewed in Seattle

the local vine Seattle

Note: For a report on the Seattle leg of the tour visit Francophile and Seattle iconoclast Ronald Holden's blog,

I Finished off my trip to Seattle Tuesday with a reading and talk at the classic Elliott Bay Book Company (a real old-fashioned bookstore with a cafe now run by local star chef Tamara Murphy) at noon followed by an evening wine tasting at the sleek Local Vine in Belltown (see photo) at which Chateau Mossé’s old vines Carignan (see below) was the crowd pleasing surprise favorite.

Corskcrewed to Earthquake Country

This coming week I’m traveling to the left coast of the United States—a place I knew well a long time ago. I’ll be in Seattle and San Francisco to discuss and drink to my book, Corkscrewed (Click to check out the reviews/articles in the Seattle Weekly and SF Weekly).  

Corkscrewed on Dallas Public Radio

Listen to this podcast of Robert on Think KERA (Dallas-Fort Worth) January 29, 2009.

Yes Oui Can! Freedom! Fairness! Fromage!


Dear President Obama, I know you've been fishing a lot of turds out of the pool of public policy left there by Your Petty Predecessor (YPP). So many dumb presidential orders to reverse, so little time, etc.

But as new Commander in Chef--for the sake of Americans who see access to real food as an important part of liberty--please dump the ridiculous and un-American tariffs on delicious European products including Roquefort cheese. (The real stuff made from ewes milk and aged in the caves of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon France that inspired the mad scientists of  Kraft to create Franken-fromages like: ‘Roka’ Blue Cheese Spread-- Yeccch!)

Corkscrewed in French....

Coming to a Librairie near vous....Éditions Michel Lafon has purchased the rights to distribute the French translation of Corkscrewed in France and Quebec--meaning a French version will appear in the fall of 2009.

Portrait in le Figaro


Here is the portrait of Robert that appeared in the Dec. 26, 2008 issue of Le Figaro newspaper. The article is written with style and verve by Le Fig's Anne-Charlotte De Langhe. 

Click here to see article in PDF

Asimov in Times: Corkscrewed "my favorite new book."


I was beginning to feel a bit like Mickey Rourke. That is--an American more appreciated in Europe than in his home country.

Corkscrewed named Book of the Year on French Wines


Corkscrewed has won the 2008 Gourmand World Cookbook Award in the Category of Best Book About French Wines published in the US.

I don't know how many books fit this category (the food and wine world has astonishingly specialized categories for things) but I am glad to have the honor.

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