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A Wine Epiphany: We need to change our thinking

I had a sort of epiphany about a week ago and it came from meeting Saint Francis.

Doing the vendanges in a corner of Provence

No better way to clear the head than hitting the road on a September morning in Provence and setting out with pruning clippers for the vineyards.

My winemaking partner Ken McNeill and I crossed a swath of the Les Maures, the dark low mountain chain of the central Var. (The village of Gonfaron-- home to the legend of flying donkeys--is pictured above.)

Obama's cellar and America's weird relationship with wine


Imagine! A candidate to be the most powerful guy on earth-- has a wine cellar!

This will certainly shock and disgust some who believe that keeping wine is somehow not an acceptable use for American basements and that it’s better to fill them with home theaters, firearms, rumpus rooms, ham radio stations or even mud wrestling rings.

No one is sure how many houses John McCain has, but all are certain that Obama has a cellar in his Chicago home packed with actual bottles of wine!

Bandol: and The Scent of Wild Boar


There are times when Bandol is the only wine that will do. Dominated by the mourvèdre grape and grown in the Mediterranean hills east of Marseille, the appellation produces some of the heartiest reds of Provence. But a good Bandol should have something more than any other wine I know—the distinct smell and feel of wild animal—most likely an earth-turning, truffle-hunting, rolling in earth-and-excrement,  hairy wild boar.

Pomodoro Fausto: What's Wrong with Chinese Tomatoes in Italy

Nature chooses to express her perfection in a handful of edible varieties of fruit. I’d put at the top of the list: the olive, the fig, the lemon, the wine grape. And the tomato.

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